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ELPO Service Company has been active on the market since 1991 and specializes in solving technical problems related to heavy objects transhipment using hydraulic systems. ELPO provides its services in seaports, railway discharges, halls and on rail or road bridges. The company is equipped with hydraulic kits and different accessories that can be connected to any kind of moving, lifting, spreading and pushing system, which ensure the stability of performed services.

ELPO offers wide range of lifting & hydraulic services for different industries:

  • hydraulic skidding systems for heavy items repositioning,
  • hydraulic lifting & lowering system for large-size items,
  • machines repositioning,
  • hydraulic lifting system for bridge spans,
  • steel constructions, grips and beams strenght testing,
  • hydraulic & tensometric heavy objects weighting,
  • other services, which require using lifting appliances.

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